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Detective services, Business intelligence

About Us


We provide detective services. We share our knowledge and experience in law, criminology and economic crime prevention fields through different types of trainings.

The creator and owner of Legalplus Info is a licenced detective, former officer, who knows all the ins and outs of operative and investigative work. We follow the legal ethics in every job we do.

Legalplus Info is listed in the registry ran by the Minister of the Internal Affairs and Administration.

We hold civil liability insurance.

Operation field

We can provide help in all of the European Union and any other country of your choice. We guarantee mobility and fast organization.

We are of help

When a client needs discreet and reliable information.

When a client needs necessary information for court cases, or simply needs a proof of his suspicions.

Because of the specific characteristics of many public institutions and, a detective is often the only person that can provide quick and professional help to transactors and individuals.

What makes us special?

  • we provide help based on many years of experience in the criminal and investigative field,
  • we know the specific characteristics of the crime, civil and economic affairs,
  • we make sure that not only do we provide proof, but also that the evidence is an incontestable base for taking actions,
  • use the professional operative and criminalistic techniques and methods,
  • we constantly enrich our skills, share experiences and doubts with all the reputable detective agencies,
  • we are passionate about our work.

Why are we needed?

There is a constant growth of intrest in that kind of services. We conduct the culture of safe business managing and provide specialized help in all the aspects of private life.

Many people try to regain their rights in civil and crime cases. We’ll help you retrieve your rights.

Our methods

  • operative methods such as: observation and inquiries,
  • criminal analysis,
  • criminal examination,
  • use of professional equipment,
  • payable databases and specialised software,
  • we co-operate with solicitors and other specialists.


Highly qualified detectives, former criminal, police and secret service officers. Professionals with great experience in all the operative and inquiry techniques.