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Detective services, Business intelligence


Great knowledge of all the law procedures and it’s practical aspects in the economy field help us look for the necessary evidence in many different types of cases, whether it’s unfair competition or an administrative inquiry. We offer trainings on economic crime prevention.

Economic field investigations

Our aim is to collect and document all the evidence needed in the legal proceedings

  • we carry out all the tasks that licenced detectives are assigned to,
  • we provide support in all the stages of the criminal and economic proceedings,
  • we verify the credibility of the information provided to insurance companies,
  • we undertake all the needed actions (operational, lawsuit and criminalistic)
  • we provide factual reports,
  • the case leading detective can be the source of evidence if needed.

Economic and administrative inquiries

Using help of an unreliable or insolvent people and companies can cause a lot of moral damage and financial loss. We offer detailed descriptions of transactors, associates and board members. We benefit from our regulatory powers, we conduct complex inquiries gathering information about the transactor and people related organizationally and law wise.

Unfair competition prevention

We support transactors in the field of financial loss prevention, good standing and in a situation of risk caused by illegal actions transgressing market competition rules.

We verify suspicions concerning unfair competition, such as:

  • false designation of geographic origin of products and services,
  • misleading designations of enterprises, products and services,
  • violating the rule of professional secret,
  • persuading to terminate a contract,
  • product forgery,
  • imputing lies to somebody and unfair behavior,
  • obstructing market access.

We help our clients through audits and security consulting.
We take part in verifying the job applicants (see-social environment inquiries).