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Detective services, Business intelligence


Privacy is a basic good that needs to be protected. In the delicate sphere of private life there are always conflicts that need to be verified and supported. This type of investigation demands a lot of discretion and sensitiveness.

Civil and crime investigations

We search for information and evidence in family, divorce and alimony cases.

We support the inquiry process and help collect evidence in criminal cases. Knowing all the inquiry methods and procedures helps us analyze in detail every part of the evidence material. Based on the knowledge of criminalistic techniques and tactics we search for circumstances indicating the person’s guilt or its lack. We help our clients deal with all the legal services.

Search for individuals and possessions

  • for family members, inheritors and familiars (in the country and abroad)
  • for people in hiding
  • for hidden assets
  • for people missing
  • for stolen or evicted possessions

Social environment inquiries

You want to check somebodys reliability, loyalty, uprightness or truthfulness?
We collect and verify informations concerning:

  • financial position,
  • social and professional connections,
  • family relations,
  • educational background and professional experience,
  • place of residence, workplace and people’s opinions,
  • the background.

Privacy protection

We take actions against privacy infiltration.

Do you ever get the feeling like you are being watched? You suspect someone is conducting a criminal recognition against you? Are you worried that someone might hurt your beloved ones, or is trying to rob you or provoke you?

We will examine and analyze all the threats and help you prevent unwanted incidents from happening.